Ladies Rutilated Quartz Bracelet


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This Rutilated Quartz bracelet is handmade with love using genuine Rutilated Quartz crystal beads. It has a stainless steel toggle clasp for extra security.

  • Chakras- All Chakras
  • Zodiac- Gemini and Taurus
  • Element- Air and Fire
  • Typical colours- Clear with golden brown, reddish or black strands of rutile

Rutilated Quartz contains naturally occurring strands of rutile. It is all illuminator for the soul and promotes spiritual growth. It is also helpful. in energising the aura. Rutilated Quartz gives protection against the ill thought of others, protecting you against spiritual attacks. It facilitates transitions and a change of direction. It is effective as an antidepressant and relieves fears, phobias and anxiety.

Rutilated Quartz also has physical benefits and absorbs poisoning from nerves, muscles, blood and the intestinal tract. It is also beneficial for impotence and infertility, aids exhaustion and lack of energy. It treats the respiratory tract and bronchitis and stimulated the thyroid, cell regeneration and repairs torn tissue.

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